New Line of Sports Haversack

Ladies often say that you can never have too many bags. As a guy I generally prefer a one bag fits all but then there are always occasions in which we want to have a bag just for that purpose. Think about when you travel where larger bag space is appreciated or when you head out for sports and need a bag to store your change of clothes. It would be good to have a different bag well suited for that occasion. 

AoBlue has a lineup of round haversack bags that are specialised for the sporty. If you are an athletic or a gym goer, the general design of this bag should be familiar. It will basically take the shape of whatever you put into the bag. 

With a striking blue, The Original Blue gives off a bold and youthful vibe. Casual in design yet attentive to details, it boasts of a few unique features. 

The most eye-catching feature would be the nautical ropes that you can tighten the bag with. It gives that rugged feel that guys like and is also available for use as a sling. Part of the bag comprises a section made of denim material. While I find it to be more of a design feature, I believe the original intention was for people to keep their belts after changing to sports attire. Quite cool huh? If you have a close look at the seams of the bag you will also notice that there is a small compartment in which you can store valuables in. 

With these features, this lineup of AoBlue has got your sports needs covered so that you can conveniently store your attire after changing.

Having a Celebration?

There are many occasions worth celebrating. Weddings, proposals, anniversaries, birthdays and the list goes on. When they come, we start to think of the logistics required; the common things such as party decoration which includes balloons and banners and then there is food catering for buffets. In the preparation for party decoration though, how many of us think of party poppers?

Personally, it won't be the first thing that come to mind because just like balloons, party poppers cause a big 'bang' and not everyone can stand the sound. When I say party poppers, I am sure you think of the small ones that we use as kids and buy for like 50 cents per popper?

What if I were to tell you that there is so much more than that available in the market now. Until a week ago, I didn't realise that this product has evolved so much that there are so many varieties available.

We were invited to the launch of Party Popper Singapore and were introduced to their products.

To my surprise we learned that there were so many different poppers available with Party Popper Singapore. There is definitely one suitable for every occasion. What's more, I heard that their rates are quite competitive, it costs on average $6.50 for a popper which sounds reasonable.

There's this party popper which popped US dollar bills out of it, talk about being creative! It was pretty popular amongst us who were seeing it for the first time. What if it popped SGD? Would there be a higher demand? 

A few months back I was involved in two weddings and in one of them, the small poppers were made available. On hindsight, if I knew of the existence of these poppers I would have definitely recommended them to the bride and groom. Imagine popping heart-shaped confetti or the one that comes in the shape of a champagne, it would have added to the fun element!

Also, these party poppers are customisable which means that wedding photos of the bride and groom can be printed on the poppers. Sounds good huh?

We had a fun time trying them out and being amazed by the pretty confetti! If you are exploring options for a celebration and want to add a fun element to it, consider purchasing some party poppers!

I like i Light Marina Bay 2017

It is that time of the year again for the Marina Bay area to be decked with art installations that go live during the evenings. You are in for a treat! It is Asia's leading sustainable light art festival.

We had a preview of the art installations that would go live this weekend from 3-26th March 2017 at the Marina Bay Waterfront 7.30 to 11pm and hours are extended to midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Admission is free but charges apply for some attractions.

Of all the art installations, let's start with the one I find the most photo-worthy. If you want to take silhouette shots, this will be the installation that's perfect for that.

Designed by Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Sługocki from Poland, Horizontal Interference is formed by a colourful cord construction which connects the trees in a simple manner. It is really simple, wires connected in a linear way but when the wind blows and they start shaking, that is an image you want to witness in person.

There are other cool installations such as this one that looks like a replica of the Northern lights. The best thing about this one is that there is no need to queue to appreciate or interact with it, you can just take a few glances at it as you stroll down the Marina Bay promenade. Set against the cityscape, it is one view that you will never get elsewhere. 

If you are looking to revisit your childhood, look at these pieces of work that are created with that in mind.

How would you draw a house when you were a child? Home by Anna Galas, Maciej Slominski and Aleksander Sawick brings that sketch to life. Definitely a fun piece of art to interact with!

How about having your face appear on a baby's body? Take some humorous shots of this as your friends check out how they look on this installation.

If you are looking for a place to hang out with some friends snacking on finger food and listening to bands play, head over to the Gastrobeats at the Bayfront event space right outside the Marina Bay Sands. Bands such as the Scarlet Avenue, THELIONCITYBOY and Disco Hue will be playing.

Other installations you want to check out will be: 

Moonflower. Solar powered flowers that glow in the dark, so pretty!

The Colorful Garden of Light. Watch as the colours change. 

The Urchin. It was not ready when we visited it but what an amazing look it will be when it is finally suspended midair. 

Look out for the projections on the Singapore Art Museum and the Merlion:

Families with kids should head over to the Art Zoo, full of balloon animals that your kids will love. They are bound to have a good time!

Have fun exploring the Marina Bay Promenade this weekend! Expect the crowd but there is really plenty to see and interact with.