Having a Celebration?

There are many occasions worth celebrating. Weddings, proposals, anniversaries, birthdays and the list goes on. When they come, we start to think of the logistics required; the common things such as party decoration which includes balloons and banners and then there is food catering for buffets. In the preparation for party decoration though, how many of us think of party poppers?

Personally, it won't be the first thing that come to mind because just like balloons, party poppers cause a big 'bang' and not everyone can stand the sound. When I say party poppers, I am sure you think of the small ones that we use as kids and buy for like 50 cents per popper?

What if I were to tell you that there is so much more than that available in the market now. Until a week ago, I didn't realise that this product has evolved so much that there are so many varieties available.

We were invited to the launch of Party Popper Singapore and were introduced to their products.

To my surprise we learned that there were so many different poppers available with Party Popper Singapore. There is definitely one suitable for every occasion. What's more, I heard that their rates are quite competitive, it costs on average $6.50 for a popper which sounds reasonable.

There's this party popper which popped US dollar bills out of it, talk about being creative! It was pretty popular amongst us who were seeing it for the first time. What if it popped SGD? Would there be a higher demand? 

A few months back I was involved in two weddings and in one of them, the small poppers were made available. On hindsight, if I knew of the existence of these poppers I would have definitely recommended them to the bride and groom. Imagine popping heart-shaped confetti or the one that comes in the shape of a champagne, it would have added to the fun element!

Also, these party poppers are customisable which means that wedding photos of the bride and groom can be printed on the poppers. Sounds good huh?

We had a fun time trying them out and being amazed by the pretty confetti! If you are exploring options for a celebration and want to add a fun element to it, consider purchasing some party poppers!

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