End of Internship!

So after a 10 week long internship, it's time to say farewell. It wasn't that easy to say goodbye, especially when your boss and colleagues don't talk to you only about work.

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We spent time eating together, yes, where else but the same old hawker center at Changi Village, until we got sick of it and started changing hawker centers and even going to Loyang Point. That wasn't all. There was food tasting, at places like The Assembly Grounds, Concetto by Saveur, 26 Tapas Bar and we also attended events such as the launch of Lalin's Photo Gallery, not to mention, foot massage at Feet Haven and sailing onboard White Sails yacht. Some of those activities ended with beer, with long chats, not that I chatted a lot lah, if you know me.

Sometimes I don't know myself as well as I should. I don't talk a lot but apparently people say my emotions are written all over my face and sometimes they scream stress or emo. I don't know how well they interpret them but nonetheless I would like to say I am very thankful for the concern.


We worked long hours during events, busy socialising, taking photographs, updating social platforms, filming. It was all part of the job but it was more than just the job.

I ain't what you would call a fashionable person, barely got myself a few working attires and formal shoes. We guys from HSS don't really need them at school. So my really helpful colleagues accompanied me shopping. Despite my strong restraints not to buy anything, I did. Not a lot lah but still. People say you see colleagues on weekdays, see until sian. Well, they chose to see me on a weekend despite their busy schedules.

I was blessed with this great internship in more ways than one.

The location. I barely take 20mins to get there and back. Don't ask my colleagues how long they take. They will throw things at you. That's why I don't mind being early or the first one to be there.

The job. You don't exactly get to surf the internet and check Facebook as part of a job. Also, I get to attend food tasting, events, write about them and liaise with clients on behalf of the company. There is no greater satisfaction in getting a positive response. Every time an email comes in, I can imagine myself squealing with glee when it's a positive response.

I never imagined so much could happen from that moment of boredom when I decided to do something about it and not just sit there and let things happen. They say that when you share something and others are happy, you feel happy too. That can never be more true.

Besides the above, I get to meet bloggers from all walks of life and make friends with them. Which job pays you to make friends? Not socializing for the sake of networking but making friends. Being friendly to others for the benefits and opportunities they might someday give you is networking but making friends with just friendship in mind is another thing. When you make friends, you don't expect anything in return, in fact you might need to provide them help when times of needs arise but when you are in need your friends will help you. This is genuine friendship. That's what friends are for.

So thanks to my boss and my colleagues for making this a great learning experience for me and to all those who have offered me their friendship and shared a little more about themselves to quiet, anti-social me!
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