New Line of Sports Haversack

Ladies often say that you can never have too many bags. As a guy I generally prefer a one bag fits all but then there are always occasions in which we want to have a bag just for that purpose. Think about when you travel where larger bag space is appreciated or when you head out for sports and need a bag to store your change of clothes. It would be good to have a different bag well suited for that occasion. 

AoBlue has a lineup of round haversack bags that are specialised for the sporty. If you are an athletic or a gym goer, the general design of this bag should be familiar. It will basically take the shape of whatever you put into the bag. 

With a striking blue, The Original Blue gives off a bold and youthful vibe. Casual in design yet attentive to details, it boasts of a few unique features. 

The most eye-catching feature would be the nautical ropes that you can tighten the bag with. It gives that rugged feel that guys like and is also available for use as a sling. Part of the bag comprises a section made of denim material. While I find it to be more of a design feature, I believe the original intention was for people to keep their belts after changing to sports attire. Quite cool huh? If you have a close look at the seams of the bag you will also notice that there is a small compartment in which you can store valuables in. 

With these features, this lineup of AoBlue has got your sports needs covered so that you can conveniently store your attire after changing.

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