A year gone by

So it is that time of year again. My birthday. I don't treasure birthdays a lot, last I really did was on my 21st. When I think of my birthday, I think of the previous year and it was a really memorable one.

I spent my last birthday at Poland, Poznan. God gave me a birthday present that no one could have offered. My birthday coincided with a special festival, one which involved lighting lanterns and setting them off into the sky.

It looks marvelous right? Picture a sky full of lanterns. What was really significant was getting the lanterns up into the sky. It was the process. Our AIESEC group of exchange friends came from different countries, Croatia, Azerbaijan, The Phillipines, US and more. During this festival, all our differences were put aside as we cooperated with one goal, to successfully release our lanterns into the sky.

Back then I was wearing spectacles and you can see that everyone was helping each other out with their lanterns. Think about it. A very touching scene. All differences set aside for one goal.

This year, I spent my precious lunch time with a group of friends who have become very dear to me. Don't ask us how it became the three of us. Groups of 3 just happen too often, as least for me. The cold cut trio, the cold blooded triad, both 3s!

The really smart looking guy in the photo is Latin and he's so nice and gentlemanly that he puts so many other guys to shame, including me.The lady in the photo is Catrin. Someone agree with me that she doesn't need dieting. Not that it will happen anytime soon because she's always cafe hopping and eating good food, tee hee.

I had work on my birthday. Yes it was sian but hey, responsibilities come first. If you've been through NS, you will probably understand that when duty calls, whatever the day or occasion, you go.

I spent my time with these awesome people who were really motivated. They also fed my ego like it was cookie monster. Really special people who do not live by Facebook or Instagram.

After all these years going through internships, part time jobs, NS and what not, I learn that it's not so much the work you do but it's the people who work with you. A job can be sucky and all that which happens, yet if you have a group of positive, motivated friends to work alongside you, the experience can be very much different.

Oh, now to the main point of my post. To thank each and everyone who sent their greetings to me. I am truly blessed. I received greetings from Taiwan, Croatia, The Philippines, Denmark, Japan, Poland... To know that I am remembered by so many people when I am but an insignificant person makes me really thankful. It's not about me, it's about you and what you have done.

To all the friends who have helped me, offered me your friendship, I am grateful. I remember the challenging times, when you offered to find my apartment with me in a foreign place, in the rain.  When I knew not the words to express myself and you sought to explain it for me. When I fell sick and you came to me with comfort food. When you forgave the silly mistakes I made. When you taught me or cared for me. All these experiences build me up, to become the person I am today. Not perfect. Still learning, still improving. You contributed to who I am today and for that I am thankful.

That said, I will now pass off as forever 18 because someone said I look like I am 18. Wheeee!