About Me

Hello! My name is Samuel, you can call me Sam.

Some background information about me:

I am currently working in a client servicing role in a digital advertising company which means that I have knowledge on social media and have worked with influencers and bloggers before. I can understand the difficulties communicating with them and am aware of the expectations of clients.

As a University graduate, I studied Linguistics in NTU.

I was a freelance writer previously for the various publications:

Editor for Shiok.sg
Editor for Hpility SG (Present)
Writer for Luxe Society Asia
Writer for The Influencer Media
Writer for OnlyWilliam
Writer for Modgam.com
Writer for The Rojak Place

I am a Christian and proud to be a son of God. I blog about anything, from movies, food, social issues, to things happening in my life and while I am pretty much the average person, I hope you get to see what God has been doing in my life.

I believe in sincerity, originality, creativity, doing my best and following my principles. What a way to start describing myself, I know.

I don't like to waste words, so if I have nothing to say about something, I am not going to smoke out one page of words on it just to make the post look lengthy. If anything, my posts are concise and succinct, so if you expect to read a fiction story kind of post, you might want to look elsewhere. I won't claim to have a lot of background knowledge on any product or event in particular and in that sense I can describe what I have experienced or learned in a lay-man kind of way that is easily understood.

What's one of the highlights of my blog is that I like to express myself in different writing styles. My posts may be narratives, photo-stories and even take the form of satires or analogies. They vary depending on the topic and my mood when I am writing. So with that said, I hope you have an enjoyable time reading!