Movie Review of 冲上云霄, Triumph in the Skies

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I would begin with the trailer of the movie but apparently the cast of the movie is what will attract us to watch it. Introducing some of the cast...

For all you fans of 张智霖,here is a photograph of him

张智霖 and 佘詩曼 making their appearance on the red carpet

Them addressing their fans and the audience at the red carpet

That's the two of them again addressing their audience in the cinema

With these photos for all you fans out there, let's move on to the movie proper. Here is the trailer:


Basically, this movie came about from its drama which I fortunately haven't followed. Why? Friends who have followed the drama have let on that this movie was disappointing with their knowledge of the dramas. For me, it was a decent romantic story that is typical of all HK movies, predictable plot and in this case some would even venture to say that there wasn't much of a plot. It tells the stories of three guy pilots falling in love and their individual love stories strung up together. I mean it is so duh that Sam would eventually run into TM whom he offended just a while back in the movie.

In some sense the pilot uniform was there to make the actors look cooler, as the nickname of 张智霖's character, Captain Cool hints, not that he needed the uniform to look good. Right? His die heart fans would certainly still catch this movie despite the pretty monotonous story line.

If there was anything worth highlighting about this movie, it might be the filming techniques and the use of pretty romantic venues. For me, my focus was on how they filmed the scenes rather than what is happening next because it's a love story, make it 3 love stories and we know they will end up living happily ever after no matter what happens. The scenery was pretty stunning for various scenes and it helped in creating the romantic atmosphere for the couples.

So should you watch this movie? It's pretty so-so in my opinion and if you have something else on your list of to-watch, go ahead. You can catch this online or as an alternative, of course unless you really want to see your idol in action. 

The movie will be screening in cinemas on the 19 February 2015.

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