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When you think about facials, what do you think of? For me, I visualise face masks being put on, various soothing lotions being rubbed on and my skin looking better after the treatment. How much of this is accurate? Find out by reading more on my experience at GLOMAX Aesthetics.

So how is the treatment process like? It begins with a consultation. For me, it was the typical areas that had more acne such as my forehead, cheeks and chin area, with cheeks being more congested. I was recommended the Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment that was a duration of 90mins and costs $168. According to them, it is the ultimate skin purification process and the Diamond Microdermabrasion invigorates cellular renewal to treat clogged, pigmented and sallow skin.

The room where I had my facial treatment in

Ok, so what's next? The Sonic Cleansing machine was used on my face. It is this machine that has a suction kind of edge that basically hovered around my face and vibrated the dirt off my skin. With dead skin removed, my face felt much smoother. It may feel a little strange but there's no need to worry because it at most causes minor discomfort. There was quite some amount of dead skin removed for me and it's probably due to my lack of use of a scrub. Despite using cleanser, moisturiser and toner, I have yet to form the habit of using sunblock and scrubs. Earlier on in the year I was advised on the importance of sunscreen and today, I was once again told about it's use in preventing ageing skin. With that, I was ready for the next step: extraction.

I am pretty sure you guys will probably know what extraction involves. Basically, it is the process whereby the acne is squeezed out of their pores. A little painful but necessary. After the process, a high frequency machine is used to repair the open wounds to speed up my skin’s natural healing. All you will feel is this round, smooth, machine rolling over your face. It is designed with a customised cocktail of vitamins to refresh and strengthen the skin protective barrier, so that the skin immediately comes out looking clean. For me, I was given the green tea extract which serves the following purposes: anti-oxidant, whitening, anti-bacterial, lightening. The treatment ends off with a customised mask and in my case, I was given a charcoal mask for purposes of detoxifying.

How I look like after treatment:

How I look like after treatment

Just a disclaimer that people don't look at their best immediately after facials because it takes time for the skin to recover and heal.

BUT... all that matters is how I feel like after treatment:

How I feel like after treatment

With trustworthy clinicians, you do not need to worry about outbreaks after the session and you can be certain that the condition of your skin will improve, with the right protective skincare products. Here at Glomax, you can step out of the clinic confidently knowing that your face has been well taken care of and that the pain that you have been put through during the extraction process is all worth it.

If you have read until here, you must be somewhat interested to have your face treated. I am sure most guys don't go for facials but why be the majority? If it is good for you, there is no harm trying. If you feel you want to try it out, here is an added incentive. For my readers, you can get the same treatment that I went for, for a special price of only $88. That's nearly 50% off the usual price. All you need to do is quote my name 'Samuel' when you make your appointment.

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