Back to School

I have been pretty busy lately. This might be one post before I go on a break to deal with school. Busy with what huh? Well, I've been attending a few media events, trying to juggle them with school.
FYP is waving its daunting hand at me, daring me to take on the challenge and start working on it before it appears as huge tidal waves seeking to consume me.

Credit: Psxextreme

I really don't want to have to give up any media events because of school, since they are so much more fun and there's the exposure.Yet the truth is a student's priority should be to study so... it's pretty obvious what's the right thing to do. I agree that not everyone's priority is their studies but so far, it's been mine and will remain mine. Trying very hard to do so at least. Readings are just agonizing.

In my free time I have been watching a couple of movies and variety shows. Let me introduce some of them.

If I have been bugging you about playing badminton, it's because I have been hooked to Cool Kiz on the Block, their badminton series. See, their shows do motivate people to play sports, not like ours, cui until cannot cui that I don't even switch on the TV. I have played badminton since young but have never undergone formal training. Watching some of the training the celebrities had motivated me to pick up the racket again BUT unfortunately Singapore's system of booking badminton facilities is so good, I can't get a court without booking 2 weeks in advance. Really a damper. Active SG my foot lah. Give free money, Singaporeans waste only. If only Singapore could come up with something similar. Not happening anytime soon I guess.

Besides that, I must say that this variety show is really good. It's original in the sense that it's not scripted, at least I don't think it is. Once again, I value originality a lot. If it's not original, the plot isn't much. Everything that happens look real, the teamwork, the emotions the players had and it really appeals to you. It's not your usual broadcasting. You can sense the players' eagerness and determination to win. I can only say that the production team were quite mean to them by pitting them against players who are much more experienced. 

I just watched God's Not Dead and it's just awesome! So much feelz. Even at the beginning I was having goosebumps. Would you risk your grades to defend God? When your future, your partner all hinged on that one decision? I found that if it was me, I would be struggling to write that. I would probably be thinking about dropping it and all but then again, somethings that happen, happen for a reason. That moment when all 80 students in his class stood up in support that God's not was just tear jerking. Touching moment. All his effort paid out.

It reminded me of how fleeting life it. You may have a successful career and find yourself busy with work, having a very productive life and suddenly sickness strikes you. What then? It encourages me that doing the right thing for God is what counts, what matters. My time, my efforts are best spent doing what He wants for me. 

In line with this thought sometime back, I chanced upon my whatsapp status which I changed by accident to 'low battery'. The common status was 'available'. It just hit me to edit it to something slightly longer. 'Available when you need a listening ear'. Sometimes in life, you need just one close friend to listen to you, to hear you out and among that 1000 Facebook friends, you wonder who you feel most comfortable with and you ask who will listen to you. I may not be a good speaker but the least I can do is listen and I was prompted to make that change in status. We, Christians are not that different from the average person without God. The main difference is that we believe. Do you?