The Story of a Boy and His Watch

It all began with a boy who wanted a watch that was both digital and analog. He wanted a casual one, he didn't care about the brand but he was quite particular about the design. It was looking for a needle in a haystack but he knew when he saw it, he would recognise it. And he did.

It was a Takane watch and it cost $50. It wasn't branded but he was so in love with it.

Unfortunately, good things don't last long. During his daily activities, the boy was careless. After brushing past a hand rail in the bus, he scratched it pretty bad. His heart hurt more than anything. More and more scratches surfaced over time. On his trip to Poland, the buckle broke. When he came back he went to get it fixed and very fortunately, the seller told him she managed to get spare parts despite the watch being no longer in production. He was thankful. He went on exchange to Taiwan not long later. Guess what? The strap broke. It was as if life itself didn't want him to keep track of time whenever he was overseas having fun. He came back and used whatever was left of the spare parts. The watch was whole again. Despite the many batteries which ran dead, the watch still operated with a change of batteries.

Yet only recently, for some reason the minutes hand on the watch went loose and it stopped. It was time for another repair. During the process, the boy witnessed how it was being taken apart and thoughts surfaced.

The watch was like the boy. He was unique in his own way, loved by his Father. Yet his many experiences during his daily life worn him out. Broke him down. Again and again his Father tried to put him together, to make him whole, to repair the damage. However, some damages cannot be repaired. Some of the experiences encountered cannot be undone. The boy would have to live with them. This his Father understood and He still loved the boy just like how the boy loved his watch.

The same can also be said with the boy's relationships with his friends. Some of the broken relationships can be repaired, some will never be the same. Only time can tell.

The boy would continue to grow and experience new things. His body would age just like how the watch would. What would happen to him in the future? Only God knows.

PS: I just realised that due to a change in widgets and stuff that some of the images on the blog cannot be seen and am in the process of restoring them.