Listen and you will hear how everything's wrong

Before I start off with today's blog entry, I would like to thank a few special people who have taken the time to compliment me on my blog. You guys know who you are, thank you so much! It's you people who encourage me to keep on blogging.

The issue I would like to talk about has been on my mind for a while now but I only got to blogging about it now. What issue? How parents bring up their kids.

Look around you, listen and you will be able to pick up what is wrong with society. Just the other day, I was on the MRT and it's the best place to observe people. People watching. It's pretty interesting really, if only I had the ability of deduction just like Sherlock.

So first, what I saw. I saw a kid sitting cross legged on a reserved seat, with his shoes off and he was playing with his phone. His mum, sitting next to him, looked extremely weary and was entertaining herself with an iPad. Yes, I judged immediately. C'mon lah, if you as a mum let your kid do that, next time when he grows up, he is going to think it is fine. It's the small things that you accept that eventually becomes overlooked. Have you seen people on the train or the bus with drinks or even ice cream cones in their hands? I have. They aren't dapaoing them, that's for sure. Ok, I get it, this may be a small thing, maybe the mum is really tired and this is an exception.

Now guess what I heard? Out of a bunch of girls, really loud ones, one girl was speaking to her mum over the phone and asking her out for dinner. Why? She had no money after spending it all on two meals (pretty expensive ones from what I inferred). Isn't that just sad? If you listened to her tone of voice as she 'asked' her mum out, you would be like, what has her mum taught her? It's not about the money but rather the fact that parents are asked out for meals when their kids run out of money. If got money then the girl will eat with friends instead?

I attribute all these to the way parents bring up their kids. Habits and upbringing are things that have to be taught. A few weeks back, my friends were discussing about how they bring up their kids and they came to a consensus that when they were young, hitting them was the fastest way to teach them and when they became of age, only then would reasoning become more effective. I for one agree.

Kids grow up with or without their parents. How is it though that sometimes there is no difference? Are parents chucking their kids aside with iPhones and iPads to entertain themselves? Bringing up a child is never easy. If you aren't prepared, if you would choose the easy way, your child will suffer and because of that, you may eventually too.

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And if you are really keen on watching how parents raise kids you should totally check out the Korean variety show The Return of Superman. You will just fall in love with the kids and in the process of it subconsciously learn how to best raise your future kids.