Enjoy Music at your Fingertips with SoundTouch Wi-Fi music system

Don't all of us look forward to returning to our own homes after a day's work, to enjoy the comfort and convenience that awaits us?  One of these conveniences that I can imagine adding to my home is that of an easy to use music system. Who wants to go through the hassle of choosing music when we can have preset channels? I can picture myself kicking off my shoes, wearing on my slippers and dragging my feet to the living room where I look for devices to switch on some music.

Lifestyle Series III Home Entertainment System

Playing music is really as simple as ABC with the SoundTouch Wi-Fi music system. Brought to you by Atlas Sound & Vision together with Bose, this new Wi-Fi system allows music to be played wirelessly and effortlessly throughout the home. Unlike other Wi-Fi music systems, SoundTouch systems are simple, friendly and intuitive, letting you stream music in the easiest way available today, all at the touch of a button.

SoundTouch 30 Wi-Fi Music System

There are six preset channels available for instant listening. The alternative is that you can control everything from the gadget of your choice, be it a phone or a tablet. I find that really convenient and simple. No, I don't need countless remotes lying around and cracking my head over which controls work which system.

SoundTouch App

SoundTouch Controller

You can access many Internet radio stations from around the world, music services, and playlists from your personal library all at your fingertips. SoundTouch systems connect directly to the Internet, so there is no issue with searching for songs online.

On a side note, the system actually looks quite classy and if you are looking to decorate your home with an elegant looking piece of equipment, one that plays music, give SoundTouch some thought. After all, we know that the brand Bose is one that you can count on for quality. Sound wise, the quality of the sound produced is pretty impressive.

SoundTouch Portable Wi-Fi Music System

If you are looking for portable wireless music systems, choose your pick out of these two.

SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker & SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker (left to right)

I actually find the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker really good-looking in terms of the design. It looks like an alarm clock. One that is pretty slick and silver. Ok, personal preference but I like it and will probably get one if I am in need of a wireless speaker.

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