The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Sam's Version

I hope you have enjoyed my previous post about The Story of a Boy and His Watch.

Today I shall endeavour to bring you my version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

So we all know that the original story of the boy who cried wolf was that he eventually lost the trust of the villagers and when a real wolf appeared, he was eaten up or at least that's what I remembered of it.

Bringing you my version, Sam's version.

A long time after, in the 22nd century,

In the modern era where that boy lived, there were plenty of wolves and the wolf hunting business was the most profitable. There were all sorts of boys trying to spot wolves the fastest and they resorted to binoculars, satellite tracking, all forms of technology they could get their hands on, for the sake of earning the trust of the public. Their credibility was important. That was the only way they could get the villagers to hire them and earn a living. There were even those who used telescopes and other strange devices unheard of and there were still villagers willing to employ them.

The original boy who cried wolf survived the wolf's attack when it really struck. While his act of crying wolf was discovered, not everyone heard of this and call it strange but his reputation for crying wolf made him famous.

As much as there were people who disliked him, he found himself some supporters. As time went by, he upped his game and found himself a guard dog which he bragged about to the villagers and bought them over. Who didn't like dogs?

Especially dogs of this calibre.

However with time, he faced a strong competitor. A girl who was well versed in the arts of tracking and hunting wolves. She was well liked by the housewives and fishermen and he hated her.

After weeks of observing her, he learned that she like him, cried wolf way too often and he decided to discredit her by revealing the truth to the public.

He did that and both of them found themselves arguing it out, gaining the attention of the villagers. Some stood on the boy's side, after all he had amassed himself a large number of supporters over the years and the girl's practices were indeed wrong There were those who stood on the girl's side, since they had never liked the boy and were prejudiced against him. The girl did have her reasons for crying wolf, as she had a family to feed, so they reasoned.

So I stop here for a moment. The story has to have an ending right? What do you think should be the ending?

Here's my ending:

Regardless of who was right and who was wrong, the whole village heard the dispute between the boy and the girl and their fame spread throughout the village. As was before (the same which happened to the boy), even though the girl's practices were condemned, she gained more followers over time, unlike what the boy planned. He, however, had achieved enough from this incident. He might not have discredited her but he had certainly gained all the attention he could have ever wanted and once again, has becomed the most popular boy in the wolf hunting business.

So, does it matter at all who cried wolf? I guess you can answer that for yourself.

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