Design It yourself!

Design what? How about your own passport cover or holder for starters? Passpotter has a range of products available in which you can mix and match accessories and tags, designing them yourself. Besides their specialty passport covers, they also allow you to customise your own keychains, pencil cases and bracelets.

What I like about it? It has your own style written all over it. Choose what words or name you would like engraved on the tag, the colour of the tag, the kind of accessory you would like and even how to position them. If you need a gift for your significant other, this is one of the decently priced alternatives (passport cover). Choose some 'I Love You' or heart shaped accessories and pair it with his/her name and make a similar one with your own name. Give your partner that and tell him/her that you have plans for the two of you to travel together. Awwww so romantic right?

For me, I am pretty much the 'safe' person when it comes to design (otherwise I would be taking forever to decide because of that all so perfectionist nature), so I chose a fairly typical design that is no brainer. A beige tag, an airplane accessory in the middle and a dark brown passport cover.

I am quite enjoying how it looks! Simple, elegant, stylish? C'mon, you have to agree with me. If not, suggest a better design from behind that phone or laptop. I would love to see what you guys can come up with. 

So excited now that I got this, just in time for my travels! Stay tuned to my travel photos and posts, as I head off to Malaysia, Sabah in a week's time! 

My very own customised pencil case! Yes, my personal bias makes me go for brown coloured products. That and blue things too. Although I am no longer a student, I am sure a pencil case is always handy. Somewhere, sometime. Beats having no stationery. 

I also got to watch Alouis in action as he carved out the letters on my tag using rubber stamps. 

Yup, all these can be done on the spot in like what? 5 minutes? You pick and choose whatever you need, be it passport holder or accessories, let him know and he will have it done nicely for you. 

If you are keen to get your own customised passport holder, check out their instagram page at

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