Meet All your Expectations with the New P660 from PHICOMM

When it comes to new phones, who isn't interested? If you can get one of a decent price and it meets all your expectations, why not? 

With pretty ladies introducing the P660 from PHICOMM, you should certainly be tempted to read on. PHICOMM Singapore has launched the P660 and it is making its debut in Singapore during the launch event held at CommunicAsia 2015. It's the one phone with so many functions that you wonder what you can't do with it. Why do I say that? Let's dive into the specs of this phone and see what it can do.


- Lightweight aluminium-magnesium alloy frame, 7.3mm thin and 110g in weight
Layman terms: Super light

- User interface based on Andriod Kit Kat 4.4.4 and equipped with Snapdragon 1.5 GHz Octacore MSM8939 processor
Layman terms: Runs multiple apps without affecting performance

- Comes with dual-SIM support
Layman terms:  Great for those having separate SIM cards for work and personal use

- Maximum download speed of 150Mbps
Layman terms: Fast downloads

13-megapixel camera with Multi Face Detection and HDR functions
Layman terms: Easier to take good wefies and fit more people in your photos

Are you amazed yet? Here's some information on PHICOMM. 

It is a Shanghai-based manufacturer of networking and communications products and is R&D driven. With sales offices and service centres throughout China and R&D centres in Germany and USA, it is looking to expand into other markets.

As shared by their President of Global Sales and Marketing, Jeffrey Fan, they intend to keep prices of the phone affordable. With all the above functions, priced reasonably, the P660 might just be that alternative you would want to consider. After all, aren't the prices of iPhones and those of its kind high enough? We all know it's the brand we are paying for but if a new product can perform as well as a branded good, which would you go for? 

For me, I found the phone pretty light and compared to the sizes of phones out there, it's already a tad smaller. Well, functions wise, I haven't gotten round to playing with the phone, so I can't say much about that.

The P660 is retailing at $318 and is available in black and white. If you are keen to try out the phone for yourself head down to their showroom at 470 North Bridge Road #04-22, Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735. Alternatively, click here for full product specification.

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