Relieve Muscle Aches with Deep Ocean Mineral Gel

Just completed your gym or yoga session or some sports and you feel like your body's aching really badly? A few weeks back I would have told you to just hang on and the aches will go off naturally. After all they will go away over time and they are possible signs that your muscles are being worked out. What about now? I was introduced to this Deep Ocean Mineral Gel (DOM) that relieves muscle aches and having used it for the past two weeks or so, I am here to pass my verdict. (Just kidding!)

So after a gym session, what I always look forward to is a cold, refreshing bath and then I will apply some of this gel on my hands and rub it over my arms or thighs depending on whether its arms day or leg day, maybe both. You can always apply it before sports but let's just say I am not very used to doing that.

What I like about this gel is that it doesn't have any smell to it, nor does it have any powdery or oily feel to it. It feels a little sticky though. Probably because the gel has deep ocean minerals that is made into a concentration. It is colourless, so after rubbing it on it can't be seen. I won't claim that it work wonders, after all I don't know the extent of its effects on my body but knowing that it has benefits to my body is good enough. As long as it's beneficial and helps in soothing and relieving those aching muscles, why not give it a try? Definitely would help to get me back into shape before my next gym session. Hasta la vista (bye bye) muscle aches!

Some advice on the gel? Go slow on the dispenser because it dispenses quite an amount of gel at a go. Apply it by rubbing it in your palms, yes, kinda like what you do for wax, to even it out and then rub it on the areas that ache.

How do I know it is beneficial? Check out the ingredient list. Among the ingredients are Butcher’s Broom and Centella which help to reduce inflammation, edema and varicose veins and English Marigold reduces muscle spasms. Besides those is the Ionised Deep Ocean Minerals (DOM) concentrate. Any form of magnesium relaxes muscles and nerves and Calcium causes contraction in skeletal muscle fibers. So it basically relieves the discomfort caused by muscle pain and tension and  these nutrients in the DOM Gel are delivered to the body through the skin when you apply it on. 

Some cool background information on the Deep Ocean Mineral Gel:

It is made in deep sea water which is the source of these natural minerals. This deep sea water can be found in the Pacific Ocean off Hua Lien Coast (Taiwan), over 2,200 feet deep and is kept pure and unpolluted. Deep Ocean Mineral Gel is made there using only the cleanest and naturally mineral rich water.

If you do sports, DOM Gel comes highly recommended for increased athletic performance and faster recovery from sports injury. It is also suitable for massage, producing that desired relaxation effect on muscles that is exceptional when compared to traditional massage oils and gels. Of course, there is no harm using it at home as a topical gel.

Retail Price: SGD$48.00
Available online and in Meditrina authorized beauty salons

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