Mobile Game Review of Dungeon Link

Have you seen this game in the app store on your smartphones? Dungeon Link was launched in April by KONG STUDIOS and GAMEVIL and is one of the newer puzzle games that incorporates RPG elements into it. It is free, if you are wondering.

I am no fan of puzzle games but when it comes to RPG, you got me there! So let's take a look at this game.

It's pretty neat when it comes to the visuals. Has an arcade kind of feel even with cute looking heroes and monsters. Yes, more to the cute side than the cool, blow your mind kind of visuals. 


You definitely want to check out what kind of heroes you can collect or summon over time. There are close to 300 different heroes, so that's plenty to choose from. 

I started out with Akayuki the Samurai, had an orc automatically added, a choice of a random summon, of which I chose this White Tiger and Clara the Cleric has joined my team. As usual, each hero has an ability or skill and they are ranked. Clara here is only 3 stars. 

If you are looking for a storyline, there's one. Decent enough to keep you going and to get you geared up with a few more basic heroes. Honestly, if you like the graphics and the game play, what's the storyline to you right guys? You are still going to continue playing even if it's crappy. 

Ok, so you have seen the heroes that you can add to your team, now you are probably wondering about the game mechanics. When you hear puzzle, you think of 4 in a row connect the gem kind of game. Surprisingly, this game doesn't work that way. Let's check out the tutorial I went through.

Basically, it involves moving your heroes from one circle to another circle. It gets more difficult as the position of the circles vary in every stage and each hero has their own routes to take, meaning with more heroes, it gets a tad more complicated.
Notice that to deal the most damage, the ideal situation is to use all blocks for the so called 'perfect attack' and to wipe out all the monsters in one turn. It means that you have to think how to move your heroes in a way that they reach their circle but at the same time use up every block that's there.

So, a simple stage in the early game will probably be something like this. Simple enough huh? Wait till you have 4 heroes in your team. Not so easy after all. That's where the challenge lies. Oh and if you really want to do like the ultimate damage, don't forget all your heroes have their own skills which will come into play. 

I usually try games that catch my eye and the first thing I look out for is probably the visuals, followed by the game mechanics. This game has pretty cute looking heroes and this is a plus point for gamers who enjoy RPG, in fact I think I know of a friend who might be interested. Unfortunately for me, I go for cool looking heroes rather than cute looking heroes and as I mentioned previously, puzzles don't typically sit well with me. Other than that, if you are bored, try this game! It's definitely more worth your time compared to like...clicking non stop.

So if you are keen to check out Dungeon Link, here are the links:


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