Mobile Game Review of Kritika: The White Knights

Before I begin the review, you just simply have to check out the trailer. The graphics just make me go wow! 

Kritika: The White Knights is an action RPG game. Basically involves slashing and dashing around killing mobs. You can either start off as a berserker or a cat acrobat. For the beginning stages, it's pretty easy as you slice and dice your way through enemy creeps, experimenting with the various skills available. In fact, there's even an auto mode, so not much thinking required, except maybe when it comes to the boss, where you might want to take control of your character and avoid their AOE (area of effect) attacks where the ground struck will turn red in advance. In fact, it is usually the bosses that are designed with special skills and require a bit more character management to defeat.

Time to roll! 

The good thing about this game is that it is pretty much guided in the sense that they direct you where to go with directional arrows and there are gates that need unlocking so you won't venture out of the area in advance. All you need to focus on is what skill to use and when, at least it's pretty straight forward at the beginning levels. What I really like about this game is the visuals when it comes to the use of skills. Just check out the cat acrobat in action!

Trying out the cat acrobat against the boss

Loot wise, thankfully it's not something difficult to manage. Out of the 3 loot dropped, you will be randomly allocated one based on your luck (you choose 1 out of 3 chests). Like other RPGs, how many stages you can fight is based on your energy and besides that, you also get to combine, reinforce or transmute your equipment, level up your skills and do dungeons (at level 17).

Loot time!

If you are looking to create a bad ass character, check out the avatars. They have so many cool looking swords, armours and even wings, that I could be spending all day choosing had I sufficient Karats (game currency).

Avatar shop page

There's lot more to the game but I haven't gotten to unlock other features yet. So having introduced you the basic features of the game, you can decide whether it is your kind of game.

As your starting character levels up, other characters will be available to you and there is even the option of pets but unfortunately only at level 30. I will leave you to try those features out yourself, after all it's exploring and trying out the game for yourself that makes it fun.

Character home page

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