Round 2 at Yam's Kitchen!

Disclaimer: Invited Food Tasting

Round 2, fight!

Back to Yam's Kitchen but this time round at their Thomson outlet. Compared to their outlet at E!Hub, it is more posh and has a fine dining atmosphere. However, price wise, nothing's changed and that's applicable to their menu too. Check out my previous experience at their other outlet here.

They even have private rooms available for those huge family meals that we Chinese always have on festive occasions. Looks pretty comfty.

I was wondering what dishes they would recommend, after all I have tried a couple of their dishes. Let's see if the following dishes tempt you.

Smoked Duck Wrapped in Crepe and Fragrant Wine Pork Belly

Meat on a really cool looking ship utensil. 五花肉 as we call it and there's smoked duck wrapped up in those popian skin. What's special about the duck is that it has been prepared in a way that the duck meat is actually mashed up with other ingredients and it's not obvious that it's duck anymore. Feels like nhoh hiang or popian in some sense and makes a pretty good appetiser. The pork belly is crisp and really addictive as you pop one piece after another into your mouth.

Tofu. I really liked this tofu dish. I know it doesn't look unique but as they say appearances can be deceiving.

Tofu with Cai Poh and Meat Floss

It came with some toppings as I would call it, with cai poh and meat floss as a garnish. When you pop it into your mouth and bite on it, you can feel that the flavor and texture of the garnish and tofu complement each other, giving it a taste that will leave you going 'wow!' The dish is crispy, sweet and the tofu's original flavor is enhanced with the cai poh and the meat floss. Never thought that it could taste so good.

Fish tails. As mentioned in my previous post on their specialty, their fish tails are a must try. If it's rice and a few dishes you are ordering, get a fish tail and I assure you that you won't be disappointed.

Deep Fried Fish Tail with Coconut Sauce (Red Snapper Fish)

This fish tail comes in a curry sauce that has a very thick coconut flavour to it and reminds me of Malay cuisine. Interesting huh? Chinese cuisine but the way in which it is prepared may perhaps be influenced Malays' use of coconut. Fragrant, a little spicy, it is one dish that deserves two thumbs up if you like the taste of coconut. 

Soup. Yam's Kitchen is known for its soy bean based soups. Healthy, light and refreshing, it is THE dish to go for to curry favour with the elderly.

Pork Ball with Double Mushroom in Bean Paste Soup

Looks really nutritious and healthy with the veggies huh? Also, there's no MSG! Sweet and creamy, it is served with meatballs and greens.

So out of these dishes what catches your eye? I would recommend having a meal here if you are looking for a few dishes to share with your family or friends, especially since there's no service charge. To all my readers, flash the discount code 'SFBloggerYamsKitchen' to enjoy 10% off your total bill (for A-la-carte orders only).

Thanks to Singapore Food Listing for the invitation. If you would like more information on Yam's Kitchen, click here and to check out my previous post on other more mouth-watering dishes head over here.

No 4 Jalan Leban
Upper Thomson Road Singapore 577548
Contact: +65 6836 5020
Operating Hours: Monday To Thursday: 11.30am – 10pm,
Friday To Sunday & Public Holidays: 11.30am – 10.30pm

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