Get Grilling at Rocku Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill

I haven't been writing for a while because I have been busy with work and on a typical work day, there's nothing more wonderful than spending an evening out with friends and good food.

Craving for BBQ food and want to avoid the crowd? Try Bugis+. It always seem somewhat less crowded there as compared to Bugis Junction, so there is no harm in walking over. Today, the limelight is on Rocku Yakiniku, a Japanese Charcoal Grill.

It's a cool place to hang out at with live bands such as Mint and Morgan, as the music provides a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy your food and sway to the beats of Mandarin, Japanese or Korean Pop-Rock variety.

When we think of cooking our own food BBQ style, we think of Korean cuisine but hey, there is Japanese cuisine too. Here's your chance to grill food after a day of being grilled at work.

For the meat lovers out there, if you have a craving for tons of meat, ROCKU is a good choice. Beef, pork, chicken, choose your pick. I would personally go for beef. Lots of it. I am licking my lips as I write this. Ahh, the taste of BBQ beef. Nothing beats that after a long day at work. Like it medium rare, medium or well done? You are the chef, you decide.

When this plate of meat was served, you can imagine our eyes glowing. Preciouusssss! Which guy can avoid such a temptation? We gave in, happily, at that.

Have you tried grilling salmon before? We tried our hands at it and I suck at flipping it because it gets all sticky and sticks on the grill but as much as it is difficult to keep it grilled nicely as an entire slice, it is one of the best ingredients you should grill. The taste will leave you amazed and wanting more. It tastes nothing like how it looks. I highly recommend that you try it.

In fact, grilling food can be kind of therapeutic as you take the time to cook your food. It is perhaps one of the best cuisines to have if you simply want to hang out with a friend over dinner. I mean, some dinners do last a duration of like 30 minutes or less, if your friend is starved and that will leave you wondering what to do next. At ROCKU, there's always time for some beers to compliment your meal. Just a heads up, there are complimentary welcome drinks served on Monday to Thursday. Their very own special Rocku Bomb! It is something different, so I will let you find out what it is yourself.

Besides meat and beer, there is also seafood for those of you who can't say no to prawns and squids. If you have a date to impress, start peeling, it will earn you some plus points.

For the Halloween special promotion they are having, Horror-ween, it also includes crayfish, just our luck! If you particularly like them, this is your chance! Besides that, there is also salmon sashimi and hotate, not to mention a whole line of specially curated food items made available at the buffet counter. Available at $30.90 ++ on weekdays and $37.90++ on weekends.

With free flow meat and over 20 dishes at the buffet counter to choose from, you should not be leaving ROCKU with anything less but a satisfied stomach. Also, one benefit about grilling here is that the exhaust system takes care of the smoke, so you won't be leaving the place smelling stinky. For more information on ROCKU, visit

Rocku Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill
201 Victoria Street #04-06 Bugis+ Singapore 188067
Tel: 6634 3313

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