Introduction to Ground Zero, 放射空間, Taiwanese Indie Band

If you are a fan of Mandarin rock, the highlight of this year's Skechers Sundown Festival 2015 line up should be none other than the Taiwanese Indie Band, Ground Zero for you. Well I am sure that there are other bands whose performance you also enjoyed but in the first half of the festival, they were the only non-local band so you could say they were in the spotlight.

Jason (Bass/Synthesizers), Ray (Lead Vocal / Guitar), Ivan (Guitar / Producer) and Shin (Drums/Percussion)

To share with you more about the band, Ground Zero is a four man Taiwanese Indie Band whose music has been aired on the Taiwan radio in recent years and they are here in Singapore to launch their latest EP and to perform their latest songs at the Skechers Sundown Festival 2015.

Since they are Taiwanese, the following information will be in Mandarin (pardon my limited Chinese vocabulary).


CK 幫我們拍的合照畫面

這是他們新創作的專輯「玩真的!」。覺得名字很有趣吧?專輯名稱背後的含義是想對家人朋友與粉絲們說他們對音樂是多麼的認真,並且堅信只要努力,一定會 make it!

他們也剛推出「大海之名」有機版。推出歌曲的主要目的是要讓社會大眾認識「WISH 星農」這個名字與有機的精神價值。WISH 希望從有機、友善的農業價值角度,正與「堅持、土地、非污染、提供勇氣、擁抱未來」的有機搖滾完全貼切。


以下是他們在現場表演的一段歌曲來自 「簡單生活」和照片供你們欣賞。

兩年前在念大學還沒畢業的時候,我曾經到臺北的師大做過交換,第一次跟台灣朋友接觸,也再次用到中文。一年前,我才初次在 F1 親生體驗到五月天的現場演出。雖說在廣播有聽過他們的歌,但是沒這麼留意他們的歌曲。自從看到他們的現場演出之後,就在 Spotify 常常聽他們的歌。這次也沒差,我會多多留意放射空間的新歌曲。有幾首歌我已經喜歡上了,特別是「簡單生活」,歌詞就把我們人的心情抓得真準確。

Here are some thoughts I have after the performance. As a Linguistics student, one whose (according to the government) mother tongue or second language is Chinese, I recognise that some of our feelings and emotions are best captured in Chinese song lyrics. It is a language that we can relate to on an emotional level that English can't, at least for me. So if you like what you see and hear, do support Ground Zero!

For those who have read the post till the end, particularly to those who know Mandarin, thank you for reading and kindly pardon my poor use of the language. It has been really long since I tried to write in Mandarin.

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