Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice [No spoilers]

If you have yet to watch the movie, here's the trailer, followed by a review by yours sincerely.

Thanks to a friend, I managed to catch the movie during the premiere in IMAX no less. It was a pretty cool experience watching it in 3d but it did take some getting used to. The movie is 152 mins long so be prepared for a really long watch.

Who doesn't like superheroes? With the trailer out and it was pretty awesome, everyone had high hopes and expectations for this movie. For me, I am no die hard fan of the two superheroes or this movie in particular but I did expect it to be good. Did it live up to that expectations? It was honestly an average superhero movie but it was epic in proportions given that it is not everyday that you see two of your most familiar childhood superheroes pitting it out. 

The first half of the movie as I have been telling my friends was really long, long in the sense that you can feel time pass slowly. A good movie in my opinion would have you captivated and you shouldn't have your eyes on the time or be fidgeting in your seats, much less falling asleep. After a long day at work, it might be a tad challenging staying awake during this first half. It was pretty much setting things in context, with lots of explanation and background info. Definitely could have been shortened given that we all know how these two superheroes grown up. I would think that most people get bored during the duration of this first half.

What you should be looking out for is the reason behind the fight of the Batman and Superman. After all, they won't be fighting without a good reason. It would also be interesting to note that not all characters are portrayed as you know them to be. Lex Luther, for one, wasn't the buff guy I remember him to be in games and Alfred isn't your typical butler either. 

When the action kicks in, that's pretty much what you have been waiting for. The fight scenes were good, if there is any consolation. They aren't exactly very long though but that's not all there is to it so just stay seated and hold on. Thankfully, the plot isn't that straightforward or else it would have been really disappointing. 

How did it end? Let's just say that heroes got to do what heroes got to do. It is pretty much a typical superhero movie. From the final scenes, there is a possibility of a part 2.

In general, like I always say, don't bear too high expectations and you won't be disappointed. After all, this is a superhero movie, so it's mostly about the action scenes. 

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