[Media Tasting] Old Boys Gallery, The Chill Out Place

Why do I call it the chill out place? Old Boys is the ideal dinning place because besides your usual Western food menu, they also offer a whole range of drinks. So much that you are bound to be spoilt for choice. On a typical hot weekend afternoon when you can't decide on where to go for brunch or lunch with your friends, having an option of ciders and beers to go along with your food is a bonus yeah?

Look at those bottles!

Ciders! Cheers!
What's new here?

Check out the Bak Kwa Risotto and the Belly Good Burger. 

Bak Kwa Risotto
Bak Kwa Risotto
A fusion dish with the risotto that we know of and the Bak Kwa we Chinese have during CNY, it has a certain fragrance to it. We believe that the risotto itself already has the taste of Bak Kwa and the extra strips of meat are just there to make that more visible. It is a creative dish and well, it might not be the most delicious dish we tasted but hey, if you get bored of eating the usual burgers and pastas, this is a can try, so don't hesitate. 

Next up is the Belly Good Burger. The name sounds familiar huh?

Belly Good Burger
As for this burger it is definitely made of belly, pork belly, something different from the usual beef patties. It is complimented with a generous serving of fries, onion rings, bacon, egg and pineapple. Standard wise, this burger is average and if you would like a burger but don't do beef, now you can have your burger and eat the meat on it too!

Want to share some sides with your friends? The Chilli Beef Fries has my thumbs up.  No one can resist the temptation of having one more. 

Have space for desserts? This Coconut Cake with gula melaka is sedap! It is fragrant and lacks the overly sweet taste to it that fits guys' tastebuds to a T. With this cake you can avoid all the chocolate and sinful cream. Plain and simple just the way we like it.

Coconut Cake with gula melaka
No time to enjoy these good food on a weekend but you are considering what to eat for lunch? Fortunately for you, you can now add Old Boys Gallery to your lunch options! There is a special lunch menu where you can have chicken curry, pan-fried dory fish or chicken cutlet for $10.90 and less and get a soup/salad + drink for an additional $3.90. 

When it comes to enjoying good food with friends, we are all smiles :D 

CK having a great time taking photos of the food!
A flatlay for you? HP is on it!

Old Boys Gallery  
67 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169371

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