Go Korean This National Day with Seoul Jjimdak

So you have heard of discounts like GSS but have you heard of discounts celebrating National Day?

Seoul Jjimdak, a Korean restaurant located at City Square mall, is having a 51% discount off their Army Stew and and their Jjimdak during lunch time until the end of August!

Check out the huge sharing portions below. We strongly recommend having at least 3 people share the dishes because good food is worth sharing and yes, you can share other dishes too.

Jjimdak, braised chicken with potato, carrots and glass noodles

Before this, I had no idea that such a Korean dish existed. Braised chicken, yumz. Whatever that's cooked with potatoes just taste really good and that can be said for the chicken meat that's soaking up all the gravvy goodness.

Army Stew
Compared to other Army Stews served, this one is less spicy and is more flavourful. For a non-spicy eater like me, it was light on the taste buds and I got to enjoy the taste of the different ingredients that went into the stew. 

If you would like to make your Army Stew more tasty, there is the option to top up the stew with cheese and ramen. I mean who eats this stew without ramen? It's a must!

Army Stew
Judging from the portions I am sure you will be eating your fill, only for $16.60 for each dish after the discount. If not, check out the sides coming right up.

Seafood Pancake
The best dishes don't necessarily look good in photographs. The Seafood Pancake here was so good that I kept going back for more slices! It was thin and crisp which made it somewhat addictive. I highly recommend it as a side, don't order it as another side to keep you full but rather because it's so tasty that you have to try it.

Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki
If you are having Korean you can't miss out Tteokbokki! Contrary to your expectations, it isn't as spicy as you might think and it is more flavourful rather than spicy hot. This dish is also loaded with cheese so if you enjoy cheese, you have another reason to add this dish to the cart. 

With that said, Korean food is best enjoyed when it's shared so buy sharing portions and we promise you a hearty meal here at Seoul Jjimdak where you are served with authentic Korean food. Enjoy!

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