Looking for your 命中注定 or 下一站幸福 ?

If the above names interest you, you would be keen to know that there's a cafe selling beverages with these names. Gives off a Taiwanese vibe huh? There's more, with your favourite K drama names to choose from. 绿光森林,原来是美男,太阳的后裔,来自星星的你 are among the list of beverages available at TaiPei Seoul Cafe.

I thought it was a pretty interesting concept because you don't really know what you will get, not until after you order. With beverages, the taste can hardly go wrong, it is just how much the bartender can impress you, to concoct a drink that resembles the name in terms of its look and taste. We were told that the bartender even takes special orders, so feel free to make a visit and order your 可爱小妹妹 or 猛男帅哥, whatever tickles your fancy.

While there are beverages that are more milky or creamy, I personally prefer the soda flavoured drinks, so here are some to share with you:


This drink is made with a fizzy soda as base and it has a light peppermint flavour to it which gives a refreshing after taste.


One of the beverages which looks really glimmery and sparkly with edible stars within it.


The grapefruit gives the drink its flavour with a sweet-sour taste to it.

There are also the usual Taiwanese bites such as the Fried Salted Chicken and Sweet Potato Fries which make great sharing dishes.

Did you know that the Taiwanese rendition of western food is pretty good too? It reminded me of this Western food that I used to have back in my exchange days at Taipei.

Golden Chicken Thigh

The chicken was succulent and went really well with the spaghetti. I mean which guy will resist such good and tasty chicken meat? Load up on the protein!

Honey Chicken Chop

Even a simple dish like chicken chop with rice tasted good. I won't say it is to rave about but it is by all standards a decent dish of chicken chop.

Does cheese appeal to you? Then this Pork Cutlet dish is prepared with you in mind.

Ham & Cheese Pork Cutlet

What is a cafe without Insta-worthy desserts? For the sweet-tooths, there are Mix Berries Yogurt Pie, Tiramichoux and Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream.

Check out this macaron with ice cream inside! Just take a bite out of this and you will be like yum, not overly sweet and the ice cream in it makes it feel shiok. Decadence never tasted so good.

Blue Pea Macaroon with Raspberry Jam

If you are more of a savoury dessert lover, you will enjoy the Lemon Tart. I personally enjoyed this tart the most as a guy, so here's my pick guys. They also offer Pumpkin Tart which is kind of interesting, since you don't usually have this ingredient made into a pastry, so if you want to try something new, this is it! Other than that, there is also Matcha Tart for the fans of green tea.

Matcha Tart

While there are restaurants that offer Taiwanese cuisine, cafes offering both Taiwanese and Korean cuisine are few. The speciality of this cafe is their Western food, beverages and desserts, so make a pit stop here if you are cafe-hopping!

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TaiPei Seoul Cafe
10 Jalan Leban
Singapore S577551

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