New Beats Headphones Out in Stores

When you think about headphones, what is the first brand that strikes you? Previously I was asking around on which brand of headphones I should consider as I was contemplating on getting one and I was recommended to try Beats by Dr. Dre.

Cool and stylish, it is hard to miss if you see someone wearing it making it both a practical set of headphones as well as a fashion accessory.

If you are considering a set of bright, striking headphones, check out the Beats EP. It delivers masterfully tuned sound. Its battery-free design offers unlimited playback and its sleek, durable frame is reinforced with lightweight stainless steel. Beats EP is an ideal introduction to Beats for any music lover seeking a dynamic listening experience. 

The Beats EP is currently available in Black, Red, Blue and White at all authorized Beats retailers in Singapore at S$138. 

I think that the Beats EP is kind of a basic model for Beats if you don't really have lots of expectations when it comes to the sound etc. Even then, it is really sufficient for generic daily use if you just want to listen to music on the move with convenience. 

Find wires a hassle? There is a model which is wireless! With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Solo Wireless is your perfect everyday headphone. With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 3 hours of playback. Enjoy award-winning Beats sound with Class 1 Bluetooth wireless listening freedom. The on-ear, cushioned ear cups are adjustable so you can customize your fit for all-day comfort. 

The Beats Solo Wireless is available in Gloss Black, Gloss White, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Black, retailing at S$398.

Personally, I have never owned a set of wireless headphones and this model seems particularly attractive with this feature. You can imagine all the ease it provides when you decide to do sports and stay plugged in with music playing. 

Check out their professional sets and speakers:

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