Seafood With Peter Kuruvita

You like seafood?
Check. Replies "I luv seafood!" or "maybe if it is of good quality".

You like Peter Kuruvita?
Who's that you ask? Hesitant to check? He's a chef. That much you can guess right?

Chef Peter Kuruvita

What is his specialty?
Seafood, definitely.


What is his experience?
He has been creating modern dishes with a strong seafood focus and great reputation at award-winning restaurant ‘Flying Fish Restaurant & Bar’. He is more than just a well-known chef in Australia, he is also a restaurateur, TV presenter, author and restaurant consultant. His love and passion for cooking was cultivated by whipping up dishes behind the closed doors of his grandmother’s traditional kitchen back in Sri Lanka.

Is he in Singapore? When and where can I catch him cooking up a storm?
Ah, you have finally asked the important question. He is now at W Hotel Singapore, Sentosa Cove at the kitchen table till 7th November, every Friday and Saturday 6 to 11pm.

Starting this 13th and 14th March, you may meet the Sri Lanka borne Australian culinary superstar in person on as he shows you how to consume seafood by using sustainable ingredients.Yes, you are probably not interested in how sustainable the ingredients are but how awesome they taste, so I am telling you now to be prepared to dazzle your palate with an unforgettable gastronomic experience as Celebrity Chef, Peter Kuruvita raises the bar in the way you “seafood” with delectable new renditions of the catch.

So what kind of seafood do I get to taste? 
If it is the same variety of seafood you get to taste at other places, I won't be writing this now would I? /Plays introductory music and does drum rolls. Introducing specially curated dishes both rich in culture and taste, there are: the majestic Ambul Thial of Kingfish, King Tiger Prawn Tortellini, Modern Prawn Kottu, lightly garnished with roasted coconut shards, garlic chips and peanut, and Modern Wattalapaan, served with spiced coconut cream, rich in flavour yet light and creamy. In short, there is something for every palate.

What are those dishes? No photographs for me to see?
Unfortunately, I don't have photographs. So let your imagination do the work and know that your photographs will be the first photographs on Instagram. Instagram them at @WSingapore or Tweet at @W_Singapore: #SeafoodfromtheHeart. I know you want to share your awesome food photos with everyone else. You know you want to, so make your reservations at  +65 6808 7268 or now!

Price: S$85++ per person
For more information, visit

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