Enjoy the Sweet Sam-sation with Gelato World Tour

Did you enjoy your weekends with the sweet sam-sation of gelato at Gelato World Tour at
Marina Bay Sands, Hall D Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on March 20, 2015, for three consecutive days? The Gelato Village was set to flag off the “Formula One of Gelato” and celebrate fifty years of the Singapore Republic in the coolest way. 

If you were there, the hall was flooded with people as people flocked in to try out the different flavours of gelato. Singapore, being known as the food paradise, got that name for a reason. When it comes to good food, Singaporeans will find it wherever it is.

We got our free gelato samples, did you? There was just so much to try, we didn't know where to get started! There were 16 flavours to try. It was so exciting!

We started queuing up for our gelato! 

If you weren't there, here's a short recap of the events during the three days. Entry was free and the program included:

• Mini Courses for adults and children by the gelato chefs of Carpigiani Gelato University on “What is Gelato?”. Participants will also be the first to learn more details about the 4-week program that teaches participants on how they can become successful gelato entrepreneurs. 
• “How to open a gelato shop?’, educational workshops by Academia IFI
• The Tonda Challenge by IFI @ PreGel tent  
• Discover the secrets of gelato “Always FrescoTM” with PreGel 

We took turns to try different flavours and we certainly tried out the Singaporean flavours.

Singapore Sling

Chendol Merdeka

I found the Beer with Ciambella a really cool gelato, imagine tasting beer but in ice cream. Generally my guy friends and I enjoyed the gelato that was more ice cream like as compared to the sorbet kind of gelato as they tended to be less sweet. We preferred flavours that were less extreme in the sense that we could finish one serving without feeling it to be too salty or too sweet. The opinion of us guys. We were pretty glad we came as a group and shared the gelato because eating it all on your own can be a little gelat-though. 

The top three flavours announced were:

1. Good ‘Ol Days by Sharon Tay of Momolato, Singapore
2. Roasted Walnut and Honey Crunch by David Lamprell, Michael & Brian O’Donnell of 48 Flavours, Adelaide, SA, Australia
3. Vanilla of the East by Keewin & Seow Han Ong of Cielo Dolci, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



To follow the stages of Gelato World Tour: www.gelatoworldtour.com.

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