A Cone A Day Keeps The Hate Away with Ben & Jerry's!

It is the time of year for free ice cream from Ben & Jerry's!!! Wohoo! There are 18 flavours to choose from and you can get your free scoops in all of their scoops shops, namely Vivocity, Dempsey and 313 Somerset.

What's so special about Free Cone Day this year? They are launching their Free Cone Day FM on 14th April to thank us (their fans). So cool right? They have a channel dedicated to us, for us to do our song requests and all we need to do is Instagram or Tweet (@benandjerrysg) our messages and songs requests or comment on selected posts on their Facebook page with the hashtag #FCDSG. According to them, their DJs will also be turning fans’ messages into songs to bring a little joy and laughter and selected dedications aired will be featured across all their scoop shops real-time.

Interesting idea yea? So while waiting for our free cones, we can keep our ears peeled for song requests from friends, or really weird and funny dedications for our friends? Hahaha. I can imagine all the funny messages we will be sending each other. /Points index fingers together in anticipation as imagination trails off...

Ok, so a little more about Ben and Jerry's latest efforts. In conjunction with the Diverse-city trails, this Free Cone Day, Ben & Jerry’s will be supporting South Central Community Family Service Centre (FSC), a champion of social innovation projects that cultivate the kampong spirit and promote community self-help. So, South Central Community FSC volunteers will be at the scoop shops to share more about their initiatives, so don't find it strange if you see them and say hi ok? All donations made to South Central Community FSC on Free Cone Day will be used to set up a community emergency fund to match community efforts to help their neighbours out of financial crises.

Now that we know what to expect, mark down on your calendars that 14th April is FCD! Go early to avoid the queues like all kiasu Singaporeans do. See you there! 

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