Get Soaked with Hasbros at W's Endless Summer Pool Party

Having rained in the morning, we were hoping that the least the weather could do for us is stay clear, so the pool at W's wouldn't be overly cold. Thankfully, it did better than that. It became a typical afternoon, the type of hot weather Singaporeans are used to.

So what do we look forward to when the weather gets hot and unbearable? A swim, that's what! We certainly spared no time in getting into the pool. However, today, it was special. It was a Hasbros themed pool party, so we had access to Super Soakers!!!

It's time to get soaked with Hasbro's Super Soakers!

We had a few water guns to choose from and I came to love this Super Soaker I was using. Unlike some guns which shot many streams of water at a lower range, the one I was using allowed me to cover much ground and all it needed was that one shot to hit the target. You can feel the intensity for yourself, it definitely packed a punch.

Vivian and I

The above photo shows the full size of the Super Soaker I chose to arm myself with. It was pretty huge and required both the simultaneous use of the trigger and the pump in order to shoot successfully.

HP, Vivian and I, all holding different Hasbro water guns

It was an afternoon of Super Soaker fun! As long as you hold a water gun, you are a possible target, or so we learned after we became targets of kids. With one of Hasbro's Super Soakers in your hands, the inner child in you gets awakened. Fire away with their water guns and game on! Shoot or be shot.  

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