What just Moo-ved into Town at 313?

What are you hoping for? A new cafe to chill out at? A new boutique shop? Well, considering that town is the place for us young, ok, correction, perhaps not so young people to hang out at, we certainly welcome dessert places don't we?

New Outlet at 313 Somerset Discovery Walk
It's Ben & Jerry's! Located at 313 Somerset Discovery Walk, they greeted fans with free scoops of ice cream today. If you hadn't have your free scoop yet, don't worry, there's still another chance to! Click here to find out how.

Vivian and I posing with their mascot
What new initiatives do they have in place? Ben & Jerry's are supporting local businesses such as:

1) SCORE Bakery which supplies brownies, cookies and herbs and work to rehabilitate inmates through skills training
2) Edible Garden City which is a group of urban farmers who champion the Grow Your Own Food movement in Singapore.

With this new flagship shop, they have a new Benefit Tuesday Night programme planned. It will run on a Tuesday every month, allowing local welfare organisations to engage the public on their causes, of which 20% of the sales during their evening events will be donated to featured social mission partners. Also, profits from the new sundae created by Samantha Lee will go these social mission partners.

What sundae? How does it look like? Must look really fanciful and well-crafted since it is from Samantha? Well, take a look for yourself.

Peace, Love & Commoonity Sundae by Samantha Lee
Samantha is known for her creative and fun works of food art and when it comes to ice cream, she has likewise shown that she can make something interesting out of it. 

When we tried out creating our own food art for ourselves, she shared with us that she judged based on creativity and not the outcome. It may seem like nothing much but think about it, if only our education system or our society valued this, I wonder how much more talents we would then discover. With that said, what can you imagine us creating with the ingredients available below? I shall give you some room to visualise and imagine. 

Ingredients or accessories for decoration

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