Celebrate the W.E.E.K.E.N.D.S with Boring Old Me, NOT

What does the weekends mean to you? To me, call it a cliche but it is the time to enjoy the company of friends and family, food and well, simply to have fun! Work, assignments, everything else can wait. Weekends mean time off, take a chill pill and take two, yo! 

Each drawer has a phrase labelled on it, go play spot the phrase!

Here at WEEKENDS you can get your fill of retail therapy if you are looking for products with catchy phrases that you can impress friends with. Tell me how cool is "If Monday had a face, I would punch it" or how about "You are my bucket list"? Totally the pickup phrase there. If you are wondering what are those drawer like furnishings at the front of the store, they are there to provide you with that experience of the weekends. This multi-brand lifestyle store carries 14 international lifestyle brands, offering a wide range of designer stationery and accessories.

Among the many brands are Jonathan Alder, Acctim, Brokis, Fiorelli, Read Between The Lines and Royal Apothic. So let's take a look at some of these stationery. They make really good gifts if I may say so! It's a feel good kind of store. 

Look around and if nothing has caught your eye, you need to look around harder. There's so much to like about the designs of these products.

Noticed the words they use and their font? It's totally about the words. Sorry, it's just me loving the choice of witty words.

I know of friends who love note books with special designs so this is one place I will be visiting when it is his birthday or something.

What do we put in these funky bags? Drinks of course!

This is definitely the store you need to know of when it comes to getting gifts because creativity never seems to run dry in this store. Did you take a look at their ceiling lights yet? No, those balloons won't be popping anytime soon. 

Think that you have seen these products somewhere else? If you are wondering, it is the sister shop of MONOYONO and owned by the same company Trendspot.

You have to have been there or else you are square. Imagine me drawing a square with my finger for you. Yea, don't be a square.   

Vivocity #B1-10 

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