Who or What is Behind the Mysterious Crate Discovered in the Pre-war Bunker?

Have you heard of this mysterious crate found in an abandoned pre-war bunker at the foot of Mount Faber? Curious to know what they found inside and how it came about? You will be surprised but this is one of Tiger Beer's new campaign!

I received a similar crate personalised with my name on it.

 Guess what I found inside?

 Tiger Beer!

Tiger Beer, being a brand synonymous with the Singaporean identity and culture has launched a new campaign. This campaign is the #Unofficialofficial campaign which kicks off on 16th March today!. Two mockumentaries that chronicle the 'real story' behind some of Singapore's unique quirks and oddities have been planned:

1) Who invited chicken rice? To be launched on 16th March.
2) Who created the Kallang Wave? To be launched on 23rd March.

What inspired this? It was inspired by the very first Tiger beer can produced in 1965. The brand will be releasing limited edition adaptations of the classic 1965 theme in cans, pints and bottles format in commemoration of Singapore's 50th anniversary.

Get your Tiger Beer cans at all major supermarkets and you will be pleased to know they come with limited edition T-shirts which come in four different collectible designs.

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